Long- distance hiking at the Starkenberger Panoramic Route

from € 439.00 per person

Package 'Long-distance hiking at the Starkenberger Panoramic Route'

The 59 kilometre-long Starkenberger Panoramic Route is divided into 7 stages and perfectly suited to inexperienced hikers too. The distance can be covered quite easily in four to five days.

The route repeatedly takes walkers along sections of great historical interest as the Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient salt-trading route or the St. James Way. And, of course, the route boasts numerous castles, fortresses, ruins and all kinds of interesting sights from the past, thus immersing walkers in history with every step they take. Not fewer than seven lakes and countless streams along the way make this a particularly refreshing experience rich in variety and scenic diversity. 

By the way, it is not binding to change the accommodation every time a stage gets passed. You can book an accommodation from where  you can reach and walk all stages (with public transports).

from € 439.00 per person


  • from 5 nights in an accommodation of your choice
  • HOLIDAY PASS - Your extra in the Imst Holiday Region
  • Starter package including a hiking-hat
  • Tuesday: guided hike from Fernpasshöhe - back by bus
  • Friday: guided hike from Schloss Landeck - back by bus
  • 1 ride on the Alpine Coaster - the longest Alpine roller coaster in the world



Ministerium für ein lebenswertes Österreich
LE 14-20
Tirol Unser Land
Regio Imst
EU - Europäischer Landwirtschaftsfonds