• The Starkenberger Panoramic Route

    Seven stages, seven lakes, seven highs and lows - seven in one go!

  • The Starkenberger Panoramic Route

    Discover the vastness ... on former routes, in deep gorges, ancient castles and breathtaking panoramas.

  • The Starkenberger Panoramic Route

    In the footsteps of the Romans, pilgrims, salt traders and the old Tyrolean Starkenberger dynasty.

Discover the vastness ...

Just start hiking. With friends, your family or alone. Step by step discovering space and serenity. Discovering yourself step by step and at the same time experiencing Tyrol in a special way: as a historical route, a mystical pilgrim path, an impressive panoramic route and a very special ecosystem.

Starkenberger Panoramic Route: for inexperienced hikers and families

"It does not always have to be a long long-distance trail: In Tyrol, an easy route opens in the summer - regarding both length and degree of difficulty." The 59 km long, family-friendly Starkenberger Panoramaweg (...) promises a variety of impressions. The landscape offers a richness of variety: open panoramic views, deep gorges, lakes, villages, and on the other hand there are castles and fortresses along the way. "

- This is how Spiegel Online writes in its issue of 14.07.2018 -

The hiking trail in motion

For all the visual hikers out there, a small, moving summary of the Starkenberger Panoramic Route. Because pictures say more than a thousand words...

No path is temporary, for its impressions are lasting.

- based on J.W.Goethe -



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