High Trail Stanzerwaal

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The after an ancient irrigation system - the so-called. Waalen - named round runs on gently cut narrow way through the forest to the well-known Wildbad-sulfur spring located just above the Grins.

The Stanzerwaal round runs immediately on the beautiful Waalweg, where a little surefootedness is required, and ends at the sulfur spring . From there, follow the path to the village of Grins . The sun village Grins with its Rhaeto-Romanic character is turning point of this sporty tour. The way back leads on a section of the Way of St. James, the world's most important Christian pilgrimage route, framed by fruit cultures, meadows, forests back to Stanz .

Start of the route: Dorfplatz Stanz
Route color: brown
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From Fernpass, Österreich to High Trail Stanzerwaal

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